THERAPY to support professionals and parents in sf and marin

When juggling the demands of career, relationships, family, or all of the above, even the most capable and successful people struggle at times. With offices in San Francisco's Financial District and Marin County, many of my clients are highly educated and achievement-oriented professionals who are feeling disillusioned by certain aspects of their life.

Despite attaining certain measures of success, they find themselves stressed, depressed or resentful. Some have followed a career path to a new city, and find themselves lonely and disengaged. They yearn to recapture a sense of connection with themselves and others. 

Individual counseling provides a safe and private space to address issues such as these and overcome obstacles to wellbeing. Taking the time to illuminate our struggles is a powerful tool and the basis for personal growth.



If you are thinking that now may be the right time to journey into your personal development and make meaningful changes in your life, I encourage you follow your intuition. When we tend to the difficulties we're facing, we unlock new opportunities to thrive in our lives, build self-esteem, achieve greater self-understanding and connect with others.

If you would like to learn more about my counseling services for professionals and parents, please call me, Shannon Weisberg, MFT, at 415.250.2343 or email me to set up a complimentary phone consultation.



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