THERAPY to support professionals and parents in sf and marin

When juggling the demands of a career, a relationship, a family, or all of the above, even the most achievement-oriented people struggle at times. With offices in San Francisco's Financial District and Marin County, many of my clients are highly educated and achievement-oriented professionals who are feeling disillusioned by certain aspects of their life. Despite obtaining certain measures of success, they find themselves stressed, lacking confidence, resentful, angry or struggling in relationships. Some have lost touch with their own needs and desires as they tended to careers, relationships or the demands of family life and they yearn to recapture a sense of purpose and connection. 

In therapy, I will guide you in identifying your patterns of thoughts and behavior as a basis for greater self understanding and personal growth. I approach this work with an emphasis on your strengths and utilize a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused therapy and other evidence-based therapeutic techniques.


If you are thinking that now may be the right time to journey into your personal development and make meaningful changes in your life, I encourage you follow your intuition. When we tend to the difficulties we're facing, we unlock new opportunities to thrive in our lives, build self-esteem, achieve greater self understanding and connect with others. Many of my clients have been new to therapy and unsure of whether it would help. Time and time again, I witness their relief and triumph in having chosen to take action and hear their wish that they had sought support sooner. A little support, combined with earnest intention, can go a long way in unlocking lasting improvements!

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